Common types of dental fillings

Oral care and hygiene are utterly important, being a crucial part of our health. Unfortunately, many people neglect the importance of proper oral hygiene and regular dentist appointments, which leads to various dental problems. Taking good care of our teeth and gums is as essential as finding the right dentist, one that is able to provide us with all the care and services that we might need. To that extent, it is imperative that we become knowledgeable when it comes to what we can do for a good oral care, but also when it comes to choosing our dentist. For instance, if you need a Las Vegas dentist, then you should take your time and research the market well, making sure that each option you find is being weighed thoroughly. Dental care offers a lot of options, not only when it comes to which dentist in Las Vegas you want to book an appointment to, but also as far as treatment is concerned. Dental fillings, for example, give patience several alternatives and it’s always best for you to also have some knowledge of your options, as opposed to leaving the choice on your dentist.

There are different types of dental fillings because they serve different purposes. They depend on the location where you need the filling, the severity of the decay, but also on the cost and your coverage. Some insurances cover all types of dental fillings, but others don’t and, like it or not, budget is an issue to be factored in when it comes to dental work, regardless of the Las Vegas dentist of your choice. One of the most common types of dental fillings are gold fillings, which are non-corrosive and solid. They are also more aesthetically attractive than other types, but the down side is that they cost a lot. Not only is their price about 10 times higher than the price of other options, but you will also have to visit your dentist in Las Vegas more than once, which means more doctor’s bills. Silver amalgam fillings are a cheaper alternative to gold fillings, but few people actually choose them because they don’t look that great. Otherwise, they are quite durable.

Another very common type of dental fillings is the ceramic option. These fillings are made from porcelain and they look very pleasing. They are also quite durable and not very expensive. However, any Las Vegas dentist will warn that ceramic fillings can cause damage to the opposing teeth, because chances are that the porcelain becomes rough. Composite fillings are also quite common, even though they are not as durable as metal fillings, because they can perfectly match the color of patients’ teeth. Last, but not least, some patients choose glass ionomers, especially for kids, whose teeth are still changing, as they last no more than 5 years. They are popular because the glass and acrylic fillings release fluoride and this helps with the prevention of tooth decay. Although it helps to have all this information about different types of fillings, their advantages and disadvantages, it’s still wise to consult with your dentist in Las Vegas before making a choice.

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Dental Implants Los Gatos CA – Restore A Natural Smile

Do you live in the Los Gatos CA area and suffer from a less than perfect smile? Dental implants are a great solution for those that have cracked, chipped, broken, or missing teeth that have been a source of frustration, disappointment, and embarrassment. Thanks to this advancement in dental technology, these problems don’t need to remain a source of embarrassment.

In short, a dental implant starts with a titanium post that gets surgically implanted into your jawbone at the point where the undesired tooth is or was. This process is typically performed by an oral surgeon or a dentist trained in advanced oral surgical procedures.
After a recovery period, often several months, where the jawbone has actually fused itself to the titanium post, a dental cap is placed on top, creating a natural looking and in most cases, permanent solution to ugly or missing teeth.

Depending upon the severity of your existing teeth, this dental implant process could be used to replace just one tooth, several teeth, and even all of the teeth in your mouth. For many, dental implants provide an excellent alternative to dentures as a full mouth implant is certainly a possibility.

If you’re not sure if dental implants are the answer to your less-than-perfect smile, your best bet would be to speak with a Los Gatos cosmetic dentist that could help you evaluate all of your options.

Within the 45013 zip code and surrounding areas like San Jose and Campbell CA, there are literally dozens and dozens of qualified cosmetic dentists to choose from so it’s important to take your time an evaluate your options.

One of the very best Los Gatos cosmetic dentists is Dr. Amir HagShenas. Not only can he create the dental implant or cap, but he can also perform the surgery to implant the titanium post, a process which often must be performed by a separate oral surgeon. Dr. HagShenas is trained and experienced in all phases of implant dentistry.

Buckle Up Dental Braces Just Protecting Your Twisted Or Misaligned Teeth

Appearance does matter! Whether you are a public persona or have a status of being less exposed to society, your oral look would matter much. You would usually feel embarrassed if you are born with crooked or misaligned teeth. But being born with such deformity is not your misfortune, but to live your rest of life with it is certainly. Todays dentistry do offer a permanent solution to it Dental Braces, a cosmetic dental treatment to undo your ugly-looking teeth in proper position and to improve any overbite issues as well.

There are many types of dental braces now available, varying according to persons numerous wishes and dental appropriateness. Complexity of candidacy is simply not a worry; dental braces only aim at straightening your teeth and they just do it. Usually, dental braces are the appliances that are applied on crowded or disorderly teeth or jaws, being left on place for specific period of time until the unaligned teeth get back to correct places. Although teenagers are appropriate candidates for dental braces, people even after grown-up ages can go benefiting with wearing the brace too.


Visible Dental Braces

Visible braces are the customary metal wires that are usually fixed at front side of the teeth along with stainless steel brackets. The brackets will vary from clear plastic brackets, ceramic brackets just like tooth shade etc. They offer a solid hold over the teeth, thus are mainly suggested for people with severely curved teeth. They may create some discomfort to patients until they get them completely adjusted in their mouth. In visibility, they are more noticeable. Eating food and cleaning the teeth may be felt a bit difficult, may leave tooth stains too. An overall treatment time may also vary as long as 18 to 20 months, depending upon the preferred results.

Invisible Dental Braces

They are more likely a customized dental treatment that will have the dental braces at back side of the teeth along with wires and brackets fitted in. So, they are invisible, onlooker may find difficult to see them present in your mouth. Treatment time will also be reduced owning to its adapted wire and bracket fixation individually for every tooth, fluctuating from six months to one year. A Number of dentist appointments will also fall down. People with much aesthetic concern, with high public appearance will be at greater advantage of having them. Wearing them initially may cause some discomfort to patients including irritation of tongue on touching the brace or often when speaking. It gets accepted over the time.

More invisible Dental Braces

A clearer substitute to dental braces They are mainly the detachable plastic trays that are used to straighten the teeth. An impression of ones teeth is taken to produce an exact tray design, fitting to overall teeth line. These braces are primarily changed approximately after every two weeks to get the patient new trays to match an existing position of teeth. Wearer has to keep these braces on at least for 22 hours a day to expect optimum benefits out of treatment. A chief advantage of such braces is that they can be removed at the time of teeth cleaning and then be re-fitted, reducing risks of food being stuck on teeth and developing any dental issues like dental plaque or tooth decay in future; easy to wear as well with less maintenance. They also do not leave any harmful effects on gum health.

Your teeth curves, misalignment will more likely determine which dental braces you would be more suitable with. Consultation with your dentist will certainly convey you an exact requirement after detailed oral examinations, understanding the need of appropriate dental solutions!

Wynn H. Okuda, Dmd, Inc. Offers Dental Day Spa

HONOLULU, HI – Dr. Wynn Okuda maintains a world-class cosmetic, implant and restorative dentistry in Honolulu, HI. At his premier dental office, Dr. Okuda offers his patients unique features to make them feel at ease when receiving treatment. To give his patients a five-star feel, Dr. Okuda maintains a dental day spa.

“I want to provide my patients with a 5-star experience when they enter my dental office. For this reason I am happy to offer a dental day spa for my patients. With each visit we ensure that our patients receive the best care possible in an environment that allows us to pamper and heal with tension-releasing massages and rejuvenating facials while getting a full mouth reconstruction in our Honolulu office,” said Dr. Wynn Okuda on his practice’s dental day spa.

With a dental day spa, Dr. Okuda strives to provide his patients with a comfortable, pleasant environment with each visit to his office. Through expert clinical and administrative staff, Dr. Okuda and his cosmetic dentistry team in Honolulu, HI maintain a high level of excellence in cosmetic, implant and restorative care while pampering patients to create both beautiful smiles and memorable experiences.

At the Dental Day Spa, as one of the world’s leading cosmetic dentists, Dr. Wynn Okuda performs all of the cosmetic dental procedures to complete smile makeovers and smile maintenance. At his office in Honolulu, HI, Dr. Okuda combines cosmetic dentistry and spa services to create an environment that keeps his patients looking forward to their dental appointments. To help pamper patients in Honolulu during a dental implant, dental veneer or full mouth restoration procedure, Dr. Okuda and his staff provide tension-releasing massages and rejuvenating facials.

With the availability of his Dental Day Spa, Dr. Wynn Okuda and his experienced staff are committed to helping patients during their cosmetic dental procedures. Dr. Wynn Okuda will work with each of his patients to provide the best treatment options through his world-renown expertise in cosmetic dentistry. Whether patients are in need of a full mouth restoration or dental veneers in Honolulu, Dr. Wynn Okuda and his team of dental professionals are available to help.

For more information on Dr. Wynn Okuda and his Dental Day Spa, patients can visit http://www.okudacosmeticdentistry[dot]com/.

About Wynn H. Okuda DMD, Inc.: Dr. Wynn Okuda is a dental artist who relies on conservative procedures to enhance the Health, Function, Beauty and Rejuvenation of smiles. With 25 years of experience, Dr. Okuda maintains a unique expertise in blending the science of dentistry with his artistic ability. Through this, he is able to create natural looking smiles on thousands of patients from all over the world, and his incredible results through cosmetic dentistry in Oahu, HI and Honolulu, HI help his patients look and feel their best. Dr. Wynn Okuda is a world recognized leader in cosmetic dentistry and was the 2002-2003 National President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). For the past eight years, Dr. Okuda has been selected into Dentistry Today’s Top 100 List, in addition to being voted by the people of Hawaii to be the “Best Cosmetic Dentist in Hawaii” in the Star Advertiser. Dr. Okuda is also one of only 350 dentists worldwide to be accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

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Dr. Wynn Okuda
3660 Waialae Avenue Suite 315
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(808) 734-1099

Dental Services India

Dental Solutions is a dental clinic, oro-maxillofacial & implantology centre, in Bangalore India. Dental solutions offer’s a variety of restorative, preventive, cosmetic and implant services. The treatment protocol executed is directed towards total rehabilitation of the mouth and overall oral hygine. The Dental Solutions is the brain child of Dr. Balasubramanya and Dr.Ramya.Our mission as a good dental team is to offer the best dental care to help our patients achieve beautiful smiles. We strive to meet our patients’ expectations by providing the latest techniques and modern facilities, all in a comfortable, informal, affordable and relaxed atmosphere.Dental solutions situated in Indiranagar, Bangalore provides contemporary dental care and compete oral rehabilitation. Dental solutions offers specialized Laser diagnosis of tooth decay .Dental Solutions uses the most modern ,breakthrough German technology which detects tooth decay by laser light and is non invasive.Dental hygiene is very important because mouth is the gateway to body. A good dentist is required to take care of your dental hygiene. In today’s fast paced world with internet connecting people at the speed of your thought does it really matter if your dentist is in your town or physically accessible,unless other wise for a treatment or dental procedure visit. However collecting the required information about a good dentist is quite mind storming exercise. We provide you with the most suitable resources online to collect information and do not ever compromise with the quality. We offer world class dental care at affordable rates.
Advanced technology should be used to create a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile for each patient. All procedure should be associated with minimum pain. All of this should be achieved with friendliness, thoughtfulness and professionalism. We at Dental Solutions Bangalore,both in thought and action strive to achieve the all of the above in each and every activity at our clinic.

Esthetic Dentistry
Dental work that improves the appearance of a person’s teeth, gums and/or smile is know as Cosmetic Dentistry or Esthetic Dentistry .Cosmetic Dentistry does not exist as a discipline,it involves specialist work from various dentist of various disciplines. Esthetic Dental work could involve,whole mouth rehabilitation,smile design,smile makeover,facial surgery .Many dentists refer to themselves as “cosmetic dentists” regardless of their specific education, specialty, training and experience in this field. We have been providing cosmetic dentistry services with very successful results.

Implant Dentistry
Many of us lose teeth to disease, injury, or simple daily wear and tear. Teeth loss not only bring about unwelcome changes to a person’s facial appearance, but also have a negative effect on an individuals confidence and self-esteem. Dental implants are the best option. Dental Implants allows the patients to replace missing teeth with ones that look, feel, and perform like their own. Dental implants, are titanium posts that are anchored directly into the jawbone and topped with realistic replacement teeth. We have been offering implant dentistry to our patients from the time we have started the clinic. Dr.Ramya. MDS is a director of Dental Soultions and a full time Prosthodontics,Crown and Bridge specialist and Implantologist.Her work has been very positively reviewed by many patients .

Cosmetic Dentistry
This is same as esthetic dentistry and both the nomenclature is commonly used ,hence this sub section. Please refer the section for Esthetic Dentistry.

Orthodontics (Braces)
Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry that is concerned with the study and treatment of improper bites,which may be a result of disproportionate jaw relationships, tooth irregularity or both. Orthodontic treatment can deal with the control and modification of facial growth or else can focus on dental displacement only . In the first case it is defined as “dentofacial orthopaedics”. Orthodontic treatment can be carried out for aesthetic reasons for improving the general appearance of patients’ face and teeth. Orthodontists at Dental Solutions also undertake work on reconstructing the entire face rather than focusing exclusively on teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry
The branch of dentistry that deals with children from birth through adolescence is often reffed as Pediatric Dentistry .The main focus of Pediatric Dentistry is on pediatric to adolescent growth and development of teeth, various disease of teeth during this period and teeth causality and prevention. It involves and in depth understanding of child psychology and management. A pediatric dentist adopts various restorative techniques and modalities as and when required case by case. Our team at Dental Soultions Bangalore has associated Pediatric Dentists who are experienced in handling the dental care of children.

Sedation Dentistry
In dentistry pharmacological agents are used to calm and relax a patient prior to and during a dental procedure. These agents belong to a class of drugs called sedatives, they depress the central nervous system, specifically those areas concerned with conscious awareness.

Dental Sedation is used when:
1)The procedures involve long duration of continual paid and trauma.

2)The dental procedure is long and may cause anxiety and stress

3) Pediatric patients with behavioral difficulties or patients with “dental phobia” fear of the dentist or dental clinic.

4) Medical conditions like Parkinson’s or cerebral palsy that cause involuntary movements.

We at Dental Solutions,Bangalore,provide sedation dentistry to patient so that they opt for fear free treatment.

Sleep Dentistry
In sleep dentistry the patient is not unconscious but in a deeply relaxed state using drugs called sedatives. This is same as sedation dentistry hence please refer the section above.

Prosthodontic Dentistry
Prosthetic dentistry,dental prosthetics or Prosthodontics is the dental specialty which diagnoses missing teeth and offers treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of the oral function. A prosthodontist looks into the comfort, appearance and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing teeth. We do all prosthodontic treatments and procedures to restore the missing teeth and oral and maxillofacial tissues using bio compatible substitutes.

Periodontic Dentistry
Care,diagnosis and treatments of all conditions of the gums is our specialty. Our Managing Director is a periodontal specialist and laser dentist with vast experience. He offer his consultation and services to almost 150 dental clinics and hospitals in and around Bangalore.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Surgeries to correct diseases, injuries and defects in the head, neck, face, jaws and the hard and soft tissues of the mouth and face is know as oral and maxillofacial surgery.We have experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons who are associated with Dental Soultions and offer our patients all the surgeries and procedures done by oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

We at Dental Solutions Bangalore have been at the forefront of the ensuring patient safety not only with regards to sedation and anesthesia but also on all aspects of dental care.

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