Lyme Disease & Biofeedback

Lyme Disease is the silent epidemic of the 21st century. Like AIDS in the early 80’s when our understanding of HIV was in its infancy, Lyme Disease is missed, ignored, feared and lacks a coherent protocol by the CDC. Today, most physicians accept that Lyme Disease is caused by a deer tick and is prevalent in specific geographical areas of the country. If a person doesnt fit the specific criteria of the typical bulls-eye rash or live in the accepted areas of infection its not always considered as the potential cause behind many chronic illness and symptoms. If a physician does test for Lyme Disease the possibilities of being told you dont have Lyme are very high unless the non CDC protocol for test analysis is followed. The Western Blot test has the highest accuracy for determining if Lyme related pathogens are active. In all fairness to the medical community and the CDC, Lyme Disease is very difficult to detect. The responsible spirochete bacteria are so small they are not easily found with standard testing.

Quantum Biofeedback is a technologically advanced human interface computer program and device developed out of traditional biofeedback that has had success in assessing for Lyme Disease. It can deliver highly focused, specific therapy to reduce multiple kinds of stress, such as pathogens like the Lyme Disease spirochete. It can detect the pathogen utilizing frequency therapies that have the frequency “codes” of the various Lyme Disease pathogens. A trained Biofeedback Specialist can then analyze the feedback data to help determine if the resonance with a particular issue or pathogen like the Lyme Disease related spirochetes are resonating for an individual. Besides providing specific stress reduction related to the Lyme Disease symptoms, it can also assist a person in determining if it would be prudent to have a Lyme test done. While the analysis is not considered a diagnosis, the resonance patterns can provide a person with enough information to pursue a diagnosis with a physician.

The Quantum Biofeedback uses a highly sophisticated device called the EPFX/SCIO to read the bodys physiological reaction at the subconscious level to the frequencies of over 10000 different items. The client is “linked” to the EPFX/SCIO by way of a safe, comfortable headband and a chair pad that rests where the client is seated for the duration of the session. Because the EPFX/SCIO is communicating with the subconscious mind, the effect of the therapy can be very deep and incredibly powerful in assisting a person to cope better with daily stressors as well as the specific issues and stresses related to any type of chronic illness like Lyme Disease.

If you have Lyme Disease, regardless of the level of the disease you may have, you will need medical attention and anti-biotic therapy. However, natural therapies and related alternative medicine today offer more solutions to assist in reducing not only the long term effects of such an insidious infection but in paving the way to long term recovery.

Mens Guide To A Total Makeover

Having trouble passing the job interview despite your credentials? Failed to get a girl out on a date despite of your nice and gentle attitude? Then, check how you look. Your look during the interview or on asking a girl out speaks a lot about yourself. Examine your body in the mirror, check your clothes. Do you look the same since you graduated from junior high school? Then, man, you need a serious makeover. Read along and get some simple yet effective tips on how to change your look.

Your body says a lot about you. Thus, it is important to keep your body fit and in shape. Change your look by starting with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Stress can make you look tired and older than your age. It is best to beat the stress by eating right and going to the gym every day. In changing your look, it is not really necessary to get your muscles bigger, having them toned is enough. Regular exercise will help you look good and will provide you energy for the whole day.

Get a new look by changing your haircut. Enough with the old cut you had since you were a kid. Have your hair done in a new way and make sure it expresses your personality. Get ideas about the latest hairstyles by looking at the look of male celebrities and pick which you think suits your personality. Experimenting with your hair through a software that lets you upload your picture and play with different hairstyles. Through this, you will have an idea of how you will look after getting your hair done.

Hygiene is one of the factors you should consider in changing your appearance. This means you have to keep yourself properly groomed. Take a bath regularly and keep your beard short and clean. Keep your skin from drying by applying moisturizer and keep your lips shiny by using herbal lip balm. Wear clean clothes, sexy cologne and polished shoes. Above all, always keep your nails nice, neat and clean.

A total makeover wouldn’t be complete if you don’t follow the latest trend. Thus, changing your wardrobe and learning to accessorize is necessary. Check your closet and put away all your clothes which you consider old fashioned. If you don’t have any idea on the latest fashion trend, ask your friend for help. Have new shirts and t-shirts for formal and casual wear repectively. To keep up with the latest fashion, accessorize with the use of stylish neckties, classy shoes, branded watch and nice eye glasses.

These are just few of the things you can do to change your look. Bear in mind that you must also be confident, with a positive outlook in life, and a bright smile. As they say, attitude determines a person’s altitude, so stay positive and aim high.

How To Make Ivf Successful – What You Should Know Before Treatment

It is very sensible to look at how to make IVF successful prior to embarking on treatment. You are about to invest a huge amount of time, money and emotional effort over the next few months and it is only right that you do whatever you can to ensure that it is a success.

Many couples feel that they are swept along with the mechanics of the procedure and that they have little control over what is going on. Whilst this is true to a certain extent, there is a great deal you can do and you should never underestimate how seemingly minor changes can make the difference between a positive outcome or a negative one.

The first step is an obvious one. You should gather as much information as possible. Speak to your doctor to discuss your plans and if you have not done so already, schedule some fertility tests. These early stages are a good point to take a critical look at any bad habits you have and now is the time to let go. If either of you smoke, then it is vital that you stop, as smoking in either the man or woman can inhibit fertility and be harmful for the developing baby. If you drink alcohol, cut this right down or stop altogether.

Speak to your doctor about any other practices which could possibly harm the fertility of either of you, such as bicycle riding, taking too-hot baths, taking certain prescribed medicines or working with any potentially harmful chemicals. Take steps as early as possible to remove harmful elements of your lifestyle-ideally at least 3 months before, but it is never too late!

When looking at how to make IVF successful, one extremely important area to modify is your diet. The foods you both eat can have a huge effect on fertility-much more than many people realise. Certain foods can enhance fertility, improving both egg quality and the health of the reproductive organs whereas others can inhibit your chances of becoming parents. Try to base your diet on organic foods, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, full-fat dairy produce, beans, nuts, seeds and lean meats. Avoid eating foods with artificial additives, trans fats and sugars. What you drink is also very important. Drink at least 2 liters of water each day and avoid caffeinated drinks.

Other steps for those wanting to know how to make IVF successful include taking the right kind of exercise, managing stress and consider using alternative therapies, such as acupuncture as there is evidence that this will help improve success rates, especially at the time of implantation.

Toothpaste The Cheapest Way To Get Rid Of Gum Disease

Gum disease also known as periodontal disease is a mouth problem that begins with the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth and if not treated immediately ends with a tooth loss. According to study, 75% of the American adults are suffering from the different form of gum disease when they are 35 years old and above. If you want to save your teeth without spending more than you can afford, consider using natural toothpaste specially formulated to fight mouth problems.

Signs That Indicates You Have Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Healthy gums are pink with an occasional variations in color that still looks natural and firm, if your gums is infected with gingivitis (mild form of the disease) it can worsen and turn into periodontal disease. It is easy to know if you are starting to develop the disease, as the symptoms can alert you. Below are the symptoms to watch out for, if you wish to stop the problem.

Gums becomes reddish while brushing
Gum is bleeding when you brush your teeth
Swollen gums
Bad taste in the mouth
Bad breath
Gum recession
Deep pockets
Loose teeth

Cause of Gum Disease

The leading cause of periodontal (gum) disease is bacterial overgrowth in the mouth. The bacteria can turn into plaque, when mix with saliva. Plaque is the colorless, sticky substance that forms around the teeth. When not removed immediately, it can turn into tartar and infect the gums and tissues.

Plaque develops easily when you have chipped, broken or decaying teeth. Poor hygiene is also another reason along with the wrong choice of toothpaste, unhealthy diet, medications, hormones, bad habits, illnesses, genetics and smoking.

Cost of Gum Disease Treatment

The cost of treatment depends on the severity of the mouth problem, technology used and the dentist that will perform the service. The average cost if the condition is only mild is $500, but if the problem is a lot more severe, the procedure could go as high as $10, 000 just to repair and control the damage.

In addition, periodontal therapy cost about $70 per tooth, with maintenance that average $115. Dental prophylaxis is around $35 to $75, scaling and planning cost about $140 to $210 per treatment. The cost could go high, if the repair is extensive or when there is additional, procedure needed.

The Cheapest Way To Prevent Gum Disease

If you want to avoid paying for costly treatment and most of all, prevent the problem from occurring you can simply use a toothpaste designed to fight different mouth problems. Take note, specially formulated toothpaste contains ingredients that could eliminate bacteria in the mouth.

Additionally, natural toothpaste is free of any potential harmful ingredients and best of all, made from plants and herbs proven to effectively treat different illnesses including gum (periodontal) disease.

It is a fact that brushing and flossing is not enough to prevent plaque from forming, but with the right toothpaste you can remove plaque and even treat gum disease. You just have to change your toothpaste if you do not want to pay for treatment that cost exorbitantly.

Lyme Disease Treatments To Make Symptoms More Bearable

Lyme Disease is one of the most difficult diseases to diagnose. Most people already know where it comes from. You probably already know about the “bull’s eye” rash that develops after you have been bitten by a tick that carries the disease. Unfortunately not everyone who contracts Lyme disease shows the early symptoms of the disease so it progresses beyond something simple and into something that takes a little bit more work to cure. This disease is treatable. There are lots of great and proven Lyme disease treatments out there. These treatments can also work for the symptoms as well.

Once you know that Lyme Disease is your problem, talk to your physician about herbal supplements or alternative medicine that can help with the symptoms you will have. One of those supplements is Buchu. It’s medical name is Agathosma Betulina. Also known as an immune system supporter. Your treatment will receive a boost because your immune system is supported allowing other medications to work better for you.

To treat Lyme disease that either didn’t respond to antibiotics or wasn’t diagnosed soon enough, doctors can also try certain intravenous drugs. The standard intravenous drug used is for Lyme disease is rocephin. The effectiveness of intravenous treatment is the same if you follow it with antibiotics or not. Deciding what is best for you requires a talk with your doctor. If the disease is in the later stages, you will most likely need the stronger and continual dosage from the intravenous treatment.

There are indeed a few of these alternatives that are thought to be useful for treating Lyme Disease. We all know it’s most beneficial to talk to your doctor but there are still some people who swear that these alternatives are better than prescriptions means. One of the most popular alternatives is called African Hyperoxis Rooperi. You can find out where and how to get some of these supplements at your pharmacy, or local health foods stores. There aren’t a whole lot of choices when it comes to Lyme disease treatment. Obtaining a prescription for medications from your doctor of a hospital is the only way to get rid of the disease. Of course, this doesn’t have to mean that you have run out of luck when it comes to make the syndromes simpler to manage. It’s possible that it will take quite awhile to be completed cured of the disease. Be sure to consult with your physician about options for keeping the symptoms from becoming too much for you to deal with.

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