Importance of Oxyneo addiction treatment

Oxyneo is a prescription drug that is used as a pain killer. It belongs to the class of opioids. These drugs are mostly used for relieving pain after surgeries and other types of severe pain related to cancer. Many people feel that there is no danger in taking the drug often because it is approved by the FDA. However, this can lead to serious oxyneo addiction and other complications. A person with such a kind of addiction should be administered oxyneo addiction treatment immediately to save his dangerous condition.

The fact about oxyneo is that it can be used safely when used according to the doctor’s prescription. Most of the patients who use this drug are very happy about its effect. Even after the dosage is over, they rely on this drug for getting relief from the pain. So they continue to use the drug and become addicted to it. They are ready to do anything to get the drug whenever they require it. People who have a history of substance or alcohol abuse are more vulnerable to this kind of addiction. Sometimes, unethical physicians also over prescribe the drug which can be responsible for the addiction.

A family can do a lot to stop this kind of addiction if they take some serious action and get involved in the program. All the family members should ensure that they educate their children about such incidents and drugs that can cause serious trouble to the health. If the family discovers a person with such an addiction, it is the duty of the members to take the necessary steps to take care of the person. Most often, the addict will not be ready for the treatment. The family members should take the responsibility of making the person to understand the importance of oxyneo addiction treatment.

After making the person understand the importance of the treatment, you should be able to find an appropriate oxyneo addiction treatment program that provides the best treatment for the withdrawal symptoms and other personal needs of the patient. Provide all the support and encouragement to the patient to follow the instructions of the professional. The patient should take some responsibility for recovering from the addiction. Once the person gets treated, he can follow or join various support groups for finding some kind of help and guidance to have a normal way of life. Make it a point to discuss the disadvantages of the addiction with your family member so that they are aware of the dangerous conditions.

Magnetic Therapy For Painless Treatment

Are you looking for an alternative solution of medicines for different painful conditions like depression, inflammation in the joints and rheumatoid arthritis? If yes, you have got great options for this and the treatment is magnetic therapy. The best part of the therapy is that its completely painless. This is a proven technology as a large number of people have tried this non-invasive therapy for treatment and are very happy with the results.

Alternative of medicines:

Though there has been a great advancement in medical industry and scientists have come up with a number of effective medicines for different ocular conditions, the fact that these have their own side effects cant be ignored. In this situation different magnetic therapies work best. One of the most famous therapies is rTMS treatment in India. Magnetic therapy makes a safe alternative of medicines and has no unwanted effects.

Magnetic therapy

This treatment is getting more and more popular every day and the reason is effective solution for painful conditions. Affected people get quick and painless relief for muscle and joint pains. Magnetic therapy is an apt solution for treating migraines and depression, which are otherwise treated with electric shocks, a very painful treatment. Some of the major benefits of magnetic therapy are use of simple devices, helpful in post-surgery healing, brings-down stress levels, makes patients more active and improves blood circulation.

Different forms of magnetic devices

Based on different problems and individual needs, several magnetic therapy devices are available in the market.

Spot Magnets: These devices are affixed to affected body parts or to acupuncture points with surgical tapes or wraps.

Shoulder supports: These magnetic devices are used to provide support to shoulders and upper back and provide these areas magnetic healing. These are helpful in treatment of muscle pain, joint pain and arthritic shoulder pain.

PEMF Devices: Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF) machines are used to provide PEMF treatment to get rid of various painful conditions and depression. Major benefits one gets from PEMF therapy are decreased pain, better sleep, nerves regeneration, wound healing and creation of stronger bones.

Knee Braces: Biomagnetic knee braces prove to be helpful for painful and injured knees. Major problems these braces treat are strains, sprains and osteoarthritis knee pain.

Magnetic mattress: If you are missing a good night’s sleep for long time, use mattress pad designed with components of magnet and get a sound sleep. These boost the production of melatonin hormones and help you get a good sleep.

Author bio: Writer of this article is an expert in the field of magnetic therapy and manufacturing of different magnetic therapy devices like rTMS and PEMF machines. Check out the products at PEMF India.

Are Sunscreens Safe Or Harmful

Dr. Henry W. Lim, chairman of the department of dermatology at Henry Ford Hospital and Clarence Livingood lecture, from Detroit recently spoke at the American Academy of Dermatology in San Francisco on the safety of sunscreens. Here’s some of the things he said.

Are the ingredients of sunscreens safe? Benzene like derivatives were once used and are only rarely now, as they have been implicated in causing cancers in laboratory animals. Newer ingredients have replaced them. These cover the full spectrum of light – from the burning rays – UVB – to the aging rays – UVA.

One of the newer ingredients is avobenzone, a marvelous UVA blocker. Alone, it is not stable and converts to a free radical which can damage other tissues. However, when used with other agents, it is stabilized, safe and completely able to block the aging effects of sunlight. Other new generation agents which do this include include methoxoryl, and methoxoryl L. Many other ingredients have high molecular weights so won’t pass through the skin and have little effect in damaging deeper structures.

That’s true of many of the physical blocking agents like titanium dioxide and many of the newer chemicals used to absorb sunlight.

Other new ingredients in sunscreens include microspheres – tiny little beads – which serve top diffract and scatter the sunlight. And another ingredient is currently out for internal and external use – a fern plant extract which has powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. This has an SPf of 3-8.

Are there new sunscreens out? The newest are soap bars that leave a polymer and sunscreen behind. Unfortunately, they currently have a rather low SPF so cannot be endorsed. With time, however, they may evolve to useful agents.

Do sunscreens prevent cancer? It is fairly certain that sunscreens prevent burns (erythema). It is also fairly certain that they decrease the number of actinic keratoses, which cause a type of cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. They also decrease photo-aging as demonstrated by decreasing the number of red spots, brown sapots and wrinkles. An Australian study which followed people for 10 years clearly demonstrated this. They also demonstrated that they decrease basal cell carcinomas by about 25%. In this study, this did not reach statistical significance, but probably would if more people were in the study or if they study were increased for a longer period of time. The thing we cannot show at the current time is that melanoma is prevented by sunscreen.

Do sunscreens cause harm? One recent study, done by the EWGgroup, waswidely quoted in the press, stated over 952 products contained ingredients that were harmful. That is, these ingredients changed into free radicals which can damage normal tissue. This may be true when each ingredient taken alone, but the study did not study the entire sunscreen product, so their conclusion is not valid.

Also, some studies have found oxybenzone in the urine of sunscreen users. The significance of this is not known. Finally, some studies have shown that sunscreens cause estrogen like side effects in laboratory rats. This has not been demonstrated in humans.

However, sunscreens do affect the production of D3 which is made in the skin. Most experts agree that individuals should take a supplement of this of about 1,000 to 2,000 units a day.

Manuka Tea Tree Products As Yeast Infection Treatment

The vaginal disorder known as a yeast infection is caused by a single cell fungus named Candida albicans, resulting in the medical condition called cutaneous candidiasis. This situation can be caused by such factors as taking antibiotics or birth control pills, the hormonal changes of pregnancy, disorders involving metabolism including diabetes, and by immune deficiencies including HIV. Some of the symptoms of candidiasis may be scaling, blisters or purple patches that resemble eczema.

Tests done at the Cawthron Institute in New Zealand were undergone to determine whether Manuka tea tree oil was effective in controlling the Candida Albicans fungus. These tests, specifically using East Cape Chemotype Manuka tea tree oil, found that a complete control of the fungus was provided. The ingredients used in the studies are now available in East Cape Manuka tea tree oil, cream and soap, available from Manu Nutraceuticals. The ingredients in these products are totally natural and are effective because of their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Other studies, comparing New Zealand Manuka tea tree oil with Australian tea tree oil found that the Manuka oil was less likely to irritate mucous membranes, and that a concentration level of 50% less of the New Zealand Manuka tea tree oil was able to provide complete control of the fungus.

By utilizing Manuka oil products, Candida infections can be managed by people in the form of in-home treatments. A Candida Treatment Pack is now available that consists of a quantity of East Cape Manuka oil, a jar of East Cape Manuka Cream and two bars of Manuka soap. Treatment is performed by first washing thoroughly with Manuka soap, and then rinsing with warm water to which Manuka oil has been added. After drying, East Cape Manuka cream is then applied to the area. Many women who have used the Manuka Candida Treatment have said it gives them better results than prescription drugs, and they are pleased because it is a natural alternative.

The oil of the Manuka tea tree is a natural substance that is not changed chemically in any way. There have not been any adverse side effects reported by anyone who has used either Manuka honey products or those made with Manuka oil. The aboriginal Maori people of New Zealand have been using the leaves and other parts of the Manuka tree for more than 1000 years as part of their traditional herbal medicine.

The Manu Nutraceutical Company stands behind their Manuka tea tree products with an unconditional money back guarantee, details of which are available online at their web site.

Six Insights Into The Cardiac Rehabilitation Target Market

If you are a health care professional wanting to determine the primary cardiac rehabilitation target market, then answer the following six questions.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Target Market 1 – Age And Gender

The cardiac rehabilitation target market is primarily mid-life men. Men still have more heart disease than women, and middle age men are more likely to live to need cardiac rehabilitation than older men.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Target Market 2 – They Have Neglected Their Health.

Most mid-life men have put everything else before taking care of their health. They don’t take the time to exercise. They eat too much and the wrong foods. They avoid getting proper health exams. Many are overweight and/or smokers

Cardiac Rehabilitation Target Market 3 – Work Habits

These men are Boomers and, as a generation, have been the most workaholic of any generation today. They worked an average of 60 to 90 hours per week. Yet, are now being passed over for promotions. Many feel that their careers are stalled or over. This makes them primary candidates for heart problems.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Target Market 4 – How Well Are They Adjusting To Middle-Age?

Men often don’t take mid-life changes as well as women do. They feel less like men as their sexual appeal and appetite diminish. They lose much of their sense of self as they lose physical strength. This leaves them feeling bad about themselves and adds to their stress levels, making them more likely to develop a heart condition.

In spite of their depression and negative feelings, many fail to find an outlet to reduce their stress. They don’t talk about their feelings. Instead they bottle them up, expressing them only through self-destructive behavior. This further increases their tendency to have heart problems.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Target Market 5 -They Have Strong Family Connections

Some of these men become motivated to change their behavior because they want to live to be with their family members. Even those who originally resist change can sometimes be persuaded by a loving family member to improve their health. Living for themselves may not motivate them to change, but love for family members sometimes does.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Target Market 6- How Willing Are They To Change?

After a heart condition manifests itself through a heart attack, hospital stay, or surgery, some men change their unhealthy ways. Others refuse to make the changes needed to fully recover. Those willing to change and adopt a healthier lifestyle comprise the best target market for cardiac rehabilitation. Those, who refuse to change, often die within five years.

Thus, the best cardiac rehabilitation target market are mid-life men. The men who want to live enough to change their ways will complete their cardiac rehabilitation. They will also learn new tools and techniques for reclaiming their health. They will continue exercising more and eating more healthy foods even after their rehabilitation training is completed.