Tips To Help Cope With University Stress

In todays competitive world, stress is the biggest problem faced by every individual. When it comes to university students, stress becomes even more common and problematic. Stress brings disorder to your emotional equilibrium in addition to deteriorating your physical health. It reduces your ability to work and think, but can be managed if you can control your thoughts and emotions.
Below are a few different tips on how to cope with university stress:

1.Sleep Sleep is the biggest medicine you can use to aid coping with stress. If you are missing sleep, then you are reducing your lifes length and quality. Sleeping for 6 8 hours is very important for every university student, and it does not only give your body rest, but also rejuvenates you. You will feel refreshed and will be able to work with more dedication and accuracy.

2.Breaks Maintaining breaks within your schedule is necessary to cope with any stress that comes about. A break of 5 10 minutes after every 1 or 2 hours can act as a refresher for you, and you can recollect your concentration and work with efficiency.

3.Avoid caffeine Caffeine, when taken in large amounts, can lead to anxiety and tension. Coffee, tea, soft drinks are the most common sources of caffeine for university students, so you should try to avoid them.

4.Manage time Stress is mainly caused when you tend to think about meeting deadlines. Most university students have little or no time management plans, and thus find themselves, at the end of the deadline, without their complete work. It is better to plan your work and manage your time before you proceed.

5.Share Problems Stress is caused when you tend to avoid sharing your problems with friends and mentors. I suggest to you to share your problems with others, as may be able to come up with good solutions.

6.Attitude It is important to maintain a positive attitude towards life. If you fail to complete a task, then dont become dishearten, look on the positive side. You can put it like this: things could have turned out worse. So, look at the positive side and dont let the stress get you down.

7.Balanced Diet Maintain a balanced diet, by eating a range of foods. Try to avoid junk food since it produces caffeine that in turn can cause stress. Include fresh fruit in your diet, and try to eat every 3 – 4 hours. Dont let your body suffer by working with an empty stomach.

8.Exercise regularly Try to include exercises in your schedule. However, exercise not only gives you a sound body, but also sound mind, and by exercise I dont mean you should go to a gym and spend an hour or two. You can go for a walk, jog, meditate and do some aerobic exercises to avoid stress.

9.Balance your lifestyle The most common problem faced by students is creating a balance in their lives. By balance, I mean maintaining equilibrium between your studies, sports, other activities, rest and meals. Most students tend to miss their meals and other recreational activities, and the absence of these will cause a deterioration in your health and you will gain stress. Utilize sufficient time for all of these activities and give special thought and time to recreational activities.

10.Consult a doctor If stress increases beyond a limit that you can withstand, then you should consult a doctor. Dont neglect it, as ignoring something small can create bigger problems.

Following these steps will mean that you will be able to reduce the amount of stress that you, as a university student, will be able to reduce and cope with stress whilst at university.

Leaky Gut Syndrome; What You May Not Know About It.

The small intestine contains billions of cells, which are packed tightly together to keep bacteria, viruses, and other toxins out of the body’s tissues. The intestines also contain Villi. Villi are finger-like projections on the lining of the intestinal tract with hair-like cell membrane extensions called Microvilli. The Villi are responsible for the absorption of nutrients.

Leaky Gut Syndrome is a condition which causes the intestinal lining to become inflamed. When this happens, the Microvilli become damaged or altered. The damaged Microvilli cannot then produce the necessary enzymes and secretions that are essential for healthy digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

When the intestinal lining becomes damaged; large spaces develop between the cells of the intestinal wall. When this happens; large, undigested food particles, bacteria and toxins beginto leak into the bloodstream (see picture above). The body perceives these undigested food particles as pisonous invaders and alerts the immune system to attack them. This creates inflammatory reactions which can occur throughout the entire body.

As these particles travel through the bloodstream they eventually reach the liver; which is designed to filter toxins from the blood. The liver is the largest gland in the body and plays a very important part in detoxification as well as having many other functions including; bile production, containing bile acids (which aid digestion), filtering out toxins such as drugs, alcohol and environmental toxins, storing glucose as glycogen then breaking it down about 4 hours after a meal to be converted to glucose to regulate blood sugar levels, converting ammonia to urea and removing damaged red blood cells.

Leaky Gut Syndrome completely overworks the liver as it floods it with additional toxins, diminishing the livers’s ability to neutralize chemical substances. When it cannot cope with the level of toxins, the liver expels them back into the bloodstream. The circulatory system then pushes the toxins into the connective tissues and muscles where the body stores them to prevent major organ damage.

Over time, the liver becomes so completely overworked that it is never able to return to deal with the stored toxins, thus the toxins are simply left in the various areas of body tissue where they were originally placed. As the intestinal lining becomes weaker and weaker, more toxins and undigested foods continue to flood the bloodstream, making the situation simply impossible for the already overworked liver to filter. This in turn causes the immune system to release antibodies to fight the leftover foreign substances and in doing so, toxic oxidants and inflammation are produced as the immune system attacks the body tissues containing these toxins. This situation then begins to cause inflammatory reactions, pain, food sensitivities, and several other physical symptoms, thus starting the unfortunate process of general breakdown of the body’s natural defense; the immune system.

Statistics show that an estimated 75-90% of the population have been impacted by food intolerances and sensitivities. Research indicates that Leaky Gut Syndrome affects millions of people worldwide. Leaky Gut Syndrome is a chronic debilitating condition that often goes undiagnosed by most mainstream medical professionals. Many don’t acknowledge that the condition even exists. As a result; many people are not aware that the sufferings and symptoms they are presently dealing with are being caused by the Leaky Gut they have developed over time. We need to emphasize, this problem is very real and even more importantly we need to understand how to stop it’s progression.


The symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome are many and varied. They include: abdominal pain, heartburn, fatigue, depression, migraines, loss of mental clarity, insomnia, bloating, anxiety, gluten intolerance, malnutrition, muscle cramps and pains, poor exercise tolerance, food allergies.

Leaky Gut Syndrome has also been linked with many conditions such as: Celiac Disease, Mutiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Austism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, eczema, Dermatitis, Ulcerative Colitis.

70% of our immune system is located around the digestive system so it is no wonder that all of these symptoms and illnesses can be traced back to a common cause of Leaky Gut Syndrome.


So you may be wondering what causes Leaky Gut Syndrome? There are a large number of factors related to Leaky Gut Syndrome. The most common known contributors are a poor diet, food allergies, pharmaceutical drugs, chemotherapy, some stomach medications (H2 blockers), stress, radiation, infections, parasites, celiac disease, hypochloridia (reduced stomach acid), candidiasis (yeast over-growth), dysbiosis (imbalance of bacteria), alcohol, and damage to the microvilli that line the intestine and produce the enzymes that digest our food. Food additives such as MSG & soy proteins can also damage the intestinal flora. Organic foods are always preferred when possible. These are only a few of the causes. There are many others that we wll discuss in more detail later.


With food sensitivities and intolerance appearing to have obvious links to many diseases, it is vital that the offending foods be eliminated from the diet for at least 3 to 6 months. It is also important to note that having a variety of foods in the diet can help prevent food intolerances. Those whose diets are repetitive end up developing sensitivities to those foods that are eaten day in and day out. Once the offending foods have been eliminated, the diet should be supplemented with S.A.V.E. and an Omega-3 fatty acid such as Krill Oil, which helps reduce inflammation in the intestinal wall as it promotes it’s healing.

The need for food intolerance testing is pivotal to find and remove the offending foods that are enhancing the problem. This is the first step in stopping the vicious cycle that is tearing down your body’s natural defenses. Just as important as testing, is the need to repair the intestinal lining to prevent more undigested foods from entering the bloodstream. The daily supplementation of S.A.V.E. has been shown to be extremely beneficial to the rehabilitation of the cells in your body, the gut and it’s lining; rejuvenating it’s ability to effectively reduce inflammation which will help return your body to it’s normal function and balance.

Dream Interpretation As A Science Of Mental Health And Happiness

My research began when I understood that our dreams should have a meaning, but nothing was certain. Nothing was clear and indubitable.

There was too much to be understood, and then simplified, so that everyone could easily learn the dream language and how to apply this knowledge to their own lives.

Today, after 19 years of discoveries and cures, the scientific method of dream interpretation is perfect and very clear. You have the privilege of learning it in only a few hours and start immediately translating your own dreams.

You will begin translating a few parts of the dream: the known symbols. for more, you will pay attention to the story, and to the general symbolic meaning of the dream.

Everything must be related to the dreamer’s life, since this is one of the most important aspects for a perfect dream translation. If you are analyzing your own dreams, you won’t have difficulties on this point, but when translating other people’s dreams, you may have problems because they won’t feel comfortable revealing the various unpleasant parts of their lives…

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a surgical operation inside your brain. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is a psychiatrist and tries to help us preserve our mental health.

If you learn the dream language and you follow the wise guidance of the unconscious mind, you will find happiness in life, developing your intelligence and sensitivity.

Your dreams won’t have the confused image they have now to your ignorant eyes. You will look at the dream scenes understanding their messages.

For example, let’s say that you see a dream in which you are eating olives and then you see a snake appearing in the kitchen. You’ll immediately understand that you have to be flexible and smart, instead of sticking, which is symbolized by the olives you eat: this means that you must become more “oily”, in other words, accept reality with elasticity, instead of insisting on your old points of view. for visit detials:– you have to do that without a doubt, because if you don’t, you will suffer a lot until you change.

The snake represents a painful experience that will correct a mistake, and in the end will have a positive meaning in your life, but if you can avoid having to pass through painful experiences in order to learn your lessons, this will be much better for you.

Be smart and “oily”, so that you won’t have to be transformed through pain. The kitchen represents a place of transformation, because in the kitchen you cook: you transform the fresh vegetables and the raw meat into hot food. The food you prepare represents your actions.

So, the general message of this small dream is exactly that: “be careful, because if you aren’t smart and get accordingly adapted to the conditions of your life, and if you don’t pay attention to your actions, you’ll have to pass through painful situations”.

As you can observe, this small dream has already given you important information. Imagine now how much you can learn and understand when you translate long and complex dreams, and when you relate a series of dreams, one to the other: you have a complete image of your life, your problems, your mistakes and the steps you must take to start solving and correcting everything.

The dream messages give you warnings, helping you avoid what is bad and prepare the future results you desire, besides transforming your personality: you become mature, self-confident, optimistic, calm, and wise. Your advantages are so many that you cannot help but feel superior and happy!

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Psychiatrist Reduces Mental Pressure.

In life we take stress and tension on every step. We keep on thinking about name, fame and money. We keep running after more of money, more of success. We spend extra hours in work, in office; loading our self with more and more of work pressure. We are so indulge in our work that we carry our work to home. Along with work tension and stress also comes in. not only work many times some people are very emotional. The behavior of others in surrounding or with them also affects them. Can have anxiety or depression, some time depression because someone important in your life is not talking to you or is not behaving with you properly. When you have lot of tension and stresses regarding your work and office, then you are not able to give plenty amount of time to your family and there is no proper coordination between personnel and professional life. This all give you sense of failure and hence depression start taking over your mind.

Depression is a very state of mind; it makes you feel as a loser and failure in what ever aspect of life which you are stressed about. This phase disturb your social behavior and presence also. All this mental stress and tension and depression start affecting your mental health immediately. It is always suggested to go for a medical treatment before all starts mentally misbalancing you. Mental disorder is a very problematic case and people should get themselves treated before it becomes quite late.

There are specialists who are expert in treating all kind of mental sickness. These experts are known as psychiatrist. Traditionally people use to think that only crazy and mad people visit psychiatrist but actually there is nothing like that at all. Any one having any kind of mental pressure can visit psychiatrist for proper treatment and diagnose so that they can come out of any type of mental ailment.

Psychiatrists are the specialist who can treat and diagnose any kind of mental disorders and sicknesses. There are numbers of good psychiatrist in Delhi region such as psychiatrists in paschim vihar. Metropolises are certain places where there is requirement of psychiatrist because life in such cities is quite fast paced and it can make anyone stressed, tensed and depressed. The psychiatrist in rajauri garden are expert and mostly business men visit there clinics to lower down there stress level. The psychiatrists in janakpuri treat people with the method of hypnotism.

Quit Talking And Stop The Mental Chatter All At The Same Time

Mental Chatter is something that a lot of us suffer from. I have found that it originates when we feel the need to control the person, place or situation at hand.

Example: Picture a typical opposites attract couple and in this scenario the man is outgoing and the woman is the introvert. There names = John and Mary

John and Mary would like to sell their house. Mary has a full time job and John works from home.

John likes to putts around the house and then brag about how much he gets done during the day, according to Mary.

John and Mary have sat down and prioritized the realtors suggestions on what they thought should be done to the house before listing it.

Mary is at work all day but her mental chatter is interfering with her work performance and concentration because all she thinks about is the list and how nothing is getting done, at home, by John. She calls all her friends and complains about how John never accomplishes anything he just talks and yells at her if she brings it up. She calls her mother and sisters. Then she calls John and asks what he has done and he just starts in not really answering her question at all. Her mental chatter has increased 10 fold because her friends and family continue to listen to her complain which amplifies Marys need to control John and the selling of the house situation. Also, because she calls John knowing what the outcome will be but doing the same thing expecting different results and this keeps her in the need to control feeling which in turn, once again, increases her mental chatter.

If Mary would Quit Talking, to her friends and family about John and their situations, her Mental Chatter would slow and leave room for Mary to fill the extra space in her mind with Daily Affirmations, Motivational Sayings and Mantra Meditations. As soon as Mary starts to fill her mind with Daily Affirmations, Motivational Sayings and Mantra Meditations she would immediately feel release, from her need to control and she would have the power of positive thinking and a positive attitude to move forward in her personal and work fulfillment.

I, Carrie, am definitely, one who felt the need to be in control of all people, places and situations. This did derive from my childhood because I was not taught consistency and discipline at a young age. Although, I was taught everything that was not done correctly and therefore learned how to control situations to go differently the next time so the option of doing it right this time was available. I have learned a lot of different ways to approach people, places and situations trying to find the right way of doing IT. Whatever IT was. We can look at all these different ways of approach as opportunities which I do or we can look at them as Mental Chatter because I was always trying to saturate the need to feel in control.

Actually, back in the day it was Mental Chatter because I would call everyone I could and complain about the person, place or situation that took place at that time. I would talk to so many people it was sick and it made me sick mentally, physically and spiritually to keep dwelling on the same things and doing the same thing expecting different results.

Once I learned how to apply Daily Affirmations, Mantra Meditations and Motivational Sayings I learned to SHUT UP. Honestly, I noticed once I stopped complaining about every other person, place or situation I did not have much to say. Bottom line is I had to learn self honesty and how to live from within.

Quit Talking and Live From Within.

Carrie Sokalski and

P.S. Do you do the following daily?:

Daily affirmations
Positive attitude
Power of positive thinking
Mantra meditation
Motivational saying

Honestly, daily affirmations changed my life. I was depressed for two years and wanted to blow my 18 years of sobriety and then I started using daily affirmations and now I have 22 years of sobriety and went off of all my medications for depression and anxiety. Be Free. I AM Free to be me!

2008, Carrie Sokalski
Permission is granted to reprint, only in its entirety and provided copyright is acknowledged.