Australian Bush Flower Essences For Fertility

Australian bush flower essences are really great to help balance mind and body in order to support men and women during the ups and downs of fertility issues. These flower essences have the property to assist couples while trying to get pregnant and are especially useful during times of high emotional stress, in vitro fertilization treatments and most of all if have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. When couples are told that there is nothing wrong with them from a medical point of view, the best option is to dig deeper into the mental and emotional life and discover the underlying cause of infertility. For many couples this process can be very scary, thats when Australian bush flowers become very useful. Taking these essences will greatly assist anyone during a journey of re-discovery, restoring fertility at the mental, emotional and of course physical level.

Here is a brief list of these wonderful natural remedies useful to increase fertility:

Flannel Flower

It brings enjoyment to physical expression through touch and feel. It increases the ability to enjoy sex while trying to conceive instead of worrying about the outcome. Many men feel stressed over having to have sex when the time is right for ovulation rather than for expressing love for each other. This remedy can assist if those who are harboring these feelings. In males, this remedy brings gentleness, softness and sensitivity in expressing their feelings.

Turkey Bush

This remedy enhances the creative power hidden within. Creativity is very close to conception through creation. It also helps clear emotional blocks and/or discouragements associated with not being able to express creativity. This remedy brings back creative powers both mentally, which is expressed in conceiving new ideas and physically, which is expressed in conceiving a new life.

She Oak
This remedy is useful for those suffering from unexplained infertility because it can help correct any underlying hormonal imbalances that might prevent getting pregnant. It also removes those emotional blocks which prevent conception.

How to Take these Essences

1.Select the essence that best suits your case. If you thing one or more could be beneficial to your situation add 2 drops of each flower essence to your drinking bottle of water and sip thought the day.

2.These essences should be taken daily for at least a couple of months for bests results.

3.They are safe and non toxic.

4.Flower essences are a perfect complement to many alternative health practices, such as: acupuncture, massage and aromatherapy.

Getting An Erection Four Things Guys Should Know

Most guys are pretty familiar with their penis. They know how it works, what to do to make it feel good, what not to do, and how it looks and feels. But when it comes to erections, some of the facts mentioned here might come as a surprise like the fact that the penis needs exercise, too, and penis vitamins and minerals are important to the ability to achieve and sustain an erection, as well as to overall penis health.

1.Use it or lose it!
Just like the biceps and abs, the penis needs a good workout every so often to stay in shape. This is because the smooth muscle in the shaft of the penis needs to be oxygenated to maintain its tone. For this to happen, the chambers of the penis need to be flooded with oxygen-rich blood this takes place when an erection occurs.

In men who do not experience regular erections, the penis can actually become shorter by as much 1 to 2 cm as the penile tissue shrinks and loses its elasticity. Fortunately, even for men who do not often become aroused during the waking hours, the spontaneous erections that occur during the REM sleep cycle are generally enough to do the job. In order to help this process along, maintaining a healthy circulatory system is essential.

2.Growers vs. showers
In most men, there is no relationship between the size of the penis when it is flaccid versus when it is erect. Even guys who have a relatively small penis when it is soft may become many times larger, while those who have a fairly large flaccid member may not gain much at all in size when erect. This phenomenon leads to the designation of growers versus showers penises that that grow significantly as opposed to those that show their size at all times. On average, men who have growers gain anywhere from one to 3.5 inches in length during erections.

3.Erectile function
The ability to get an erection and to keep it up long enough to complete intercourse is not just a sign of virility; it can be an indicator of overall penis health. Men who have erectile issues may just need a little more stimulation, or they may have an underlying condition which needs to be treated in order to get things working again. Keeping healthy by following good nutritional habits, getting plenty of cardiovascular exercise, wearing non-restrictive clothing and keeping the penis skin smooth and moisturized can help to keep the penis in great shape and may have a positive effect on erectile function.

4.The penis needs nutrition, too
Good nutrition is important for all aspects of health, and the penis is no exception. Keeping the penis in good working order means following the tips listed here:

Prevent infection and maintain the integrity of the penis skin by treating it with vitamins A and C for good skin health and a healing boost.
Keep the skin of the penis smooth and well-hydrated through use of natural moisturizers such as vitamin E and shea butter.
Promote healthy nerve cell function and keep penis sensitivity where it should be with amino acids such as acetyl L carnitine.
Keep the blood flowing with vitamin C, which is needed to grow and repair healthy cardiovascular tissue.
Prevent cellular damage that can impair skin and nerve function and may lead to serious diseases such as cancer by treating the area with powerful antioxidants like vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid.

Where to find nutrients made for the penis
In order to make the most of penis nutrition and promote healthy erections, as well as smooth, supple penis skin, a specialized penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) may be applied on a daily basis. Penis-specific health creams provide nutrients which are not always found in other topical creams; all-natural formulas which do not contain any chemical additives such dyes or fragrances are best for sensitive skin.

Testicular Problems And Sexual Activity

The frequency of sexual activity and performance changes as men reach the latter stages of their life. This happens because the production of testosterone lessens as people get older. Testosterone is a hormone that is required for sperm production and the development of the male reproductive system. More than just a substance that stimulates sexual appetite, testosterone is a natural steroid hormone that is needed for proper immune system function, improved energy, and bone strength. The decline in the production of this substance in the body causes tiredness, depression, loss of strength, and low sex drive.

Age is not the only culprit in the decrease of testosterone production. Improper lifestyles like heavy drinking, smoking, unhealthy diet, and lack of exercise may lead to testicular failure. Because the testicles are the producers of these sex hormones, such malfunction may lead to infertility, lack of sex drive or delayed sexual maturation. Testicular failure may also be caused by testicular cancer and orchitis.

Testicular cancer is an uncommon condition that affects only one percent of all cancers in men. Doctors do not know the exact cause of testicular cancer, but many risk factors for the development of this disease have been identified. Men between the ages 15 and 39 are at risk of acquiring this condition. Studies show that men who have undescended testicles are at high risk of testicular cancer. Other factors include Klinefelter’s Syndrome, a genetic condition that involves abnormal development of the testicles, and having a family history that is marked by testicular cancer.

Testicular cancer can be treated when detected early. Early detection of testicular cancer has improved the chances of survival by 95%. However, majority of men with testicular cancer do not seek treatment until the cancer has spread outside the testicles to other parts of the body.

Symptoms of testicular cancer may include:

Pain or swelling of the testicles Painful or sometimes painless lumps or nodules Enlargement of the testicles Pain in the lower abdomen, back, or groin areas Swelling of the scrotum or collection of fluid within the scrotum

Orchitis, on the other hand, is the inflammation of one or two testicles due to infection. This ailment may be caused by different types of viruses and bacteria. Unknown to many, mumps or the swelling of the salivary glands also contributes to the the development of orchitis. About 30% of patients who develop mumps experience orchitis during the course of the illness. Mumps are common in boys past puberty and are unusual in boys before the age of ten. Orchitis usually develops four to six days after mumps occur. This kind of infection may also occur as a consequence of having sexually transmitted disease. The rate of this kind of contamination is higher in men aged 19 to 35 years old. Some of the symptoms of orchitis include:

Swelling or heavy feeling of one or two testicles Swelling of the groin area Fever Discharge from penis Pain during urination Testicular pain aggravated by bowel movement or straining Blood in the semen

Testicular ailments pose serious threat to one’s sexual life and overall health. Men are advised to take the necessary steps to monitor any swelling or unusual growth in the testicular area. Early detection and advanced medicines can help prevent and treat conditions like orchitis and testicular cancer.

Enhance Your Already Perfect Penis By Shaving It

Shaving on and around the penis is being done by males not just for surgery anymore. Just take a look around the locker room the next time you’re at the gym.

Today’s males say shaving the pubic hairs on and around their penis is a way to feel fresh and look neat and clean. And cleanly shaving their shaft allows a condom to slip on and off much easier.

These are very good reasons to support shaving the penis indeed.

But – If a male is being totally honest, he’ll tell you that he is shaving his pubic hair because it gives his penis the appearance of being larger and it gets a lot more, ahem, attention when it’s cleanly shaved.

So for those of you males who are interested – Here are a few things you should know before shaving on and around your penis:

1) Never start shaving your penis unless you’re sober and fully alert. The pubic area is much more sensitive than your face, which means it’s much easier to hurt yourself, so you want your wits about you.

2) And while penis shaving is pretty easy to do, it does require patience and care.

3) If you’re shaving for the first time and have long pubic hairs, trim them with scissors or better yet, a hair trimmer.

4) Take a long, hot shower or bath. This will open the follicles, (the skin depressions from which hair emerges), and soften your naturally coarse pubic hairs to make shaving easier.

5) Pat dry your shaft and surrounding area with a soft, clean towel.

6) Apply a generous amount of a rich lubricant. Allow this to sit for at least 3 minutes before you begin shaving.

7) ALWAYS use a new blade in your razor.

Note: It’s rumored that if you start shaving your general pubic area, testicles, and inner thighs, you’ll get the best optical illusion, er, affect of a larger penis.

If you do decide to start shaving your general pubic area and inner thighs while you’re at it, make sure another new blade is easily available so you can change blades if your razor starts to drag.

Start by shaving the penis in the direction the hair grows, making sure you shave all sides. If it isn’t already erect, gently pull your penis upwards. This will make it easier to shave.

Once you’ve removed all hairs, go back and shave against the way the hair grows. This will give you the clean, close and smooth shave you’re after. But don’t shave the same area more than this second time or apply too much pressure. The last thing you want is a razor burn on your penis from shaving.

After shaving your penis, make sure to completely rinse off any traces of the lubricant with warm water. Then rinse with cold water. This will close and calm the follicles and generally tone the skin.

Pat, don’t rub, your penis dry with a clean, soft towel.

Some males apply a non stinging astringent after shaving. But to avoid any reaction, just lightly dust your penis with a talc free powder or plain cornstarch.

Ultimately, you want to prevent any kind of irritation to this newly raw skin. So focus on keeping it dry and doing what you can to limit initial friction. If you don’t already, wear some loose fitting boxer shorts for a while after shaving.

Many males go as long as possible between shaves in the belief that it will reduce skin irritation. But it’s been suggested that the incoming hair stubble is what causes skin problems, so shaving more often is actually better.

Males who are very physically active are usually shaving every other day.

While it’s a fact that eventually, after regular shaving, the hairs will become weaker and softer and your penis will remain smoother – If you’re not ready, able and willing to follow the regimen outlined here, you probably shouldn’t start shaving your penis.

Because anyone will tell you, there’s only one thing worse than a hairy penis – And that’s a stubbly, scabby penis.

A dry shaver is definitely the safest penis shaver. Do some research and discover the compact shaver that’s designed specifically for safely shaving the penis.

Top Reasons for Low Libido Sex Drive Killers

Low libido, or loss of interest in sex, has been a problem in relationships throughout the millennia of recorded history. Although loss of sex drive is generally associated with couple in mid-life and later, it is an increasing problem even for people in their 20’s. Any loss of interest in lovemaking is likely to cause relationship issues, especially if sexual activity at one time was intense.

The hormonal “fuel” for sexual desire in both men and women is testosterone, the hormone that causes the outward expression of male gender markers but that is also found in lesser concentrations in women.

Sex Drive Killers in Men.

Men with intact testicles produce testosterone throughout life, but in declining amounts as they age. Most over 40 go through a stage of life sometimes termed “andropause.” Every year after 40, a man’s body produces about 1 per cent less testosterone. The reduction in testosterone reduces sperm production, muscle growth, and memory skills as well as sex drive.

Overweight men get a hormonal double whammy by virtue of the fact that fat cells produce estrogen, further reducing sex drive, and reducing one of the most powerful incentives to lose weight. Men who snore usually have lower levels of testosterone, and the hormone is also diminished by diabetes, cancer and chemotherapy, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, liver disease, diabetes, hemochromatosis (iron overload disease), and many medications. Of all these conditions, the most common and most correctible cause of diminished sex drive is obesity.

Sex Drive Killers in Women.

Even at birth, a woman’s body contains a small amount of testosterone, but it is only after puberty that the adrenal glands begin to make testosterone in amounts that influence sex drive.

About the time of a woman’s first menstruation, the adrenals begin to make massive amounts of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) from cholesterol. Some of the DHEA forms the stress hormones that are well known in the teenage years. Some of the DHEA forms estrogen and progesterone to prepare the uterus for conception and pregnancy. And a small amount of DHEA goes to the ovaries for conversion into testosterone to stimulate sexual desire. During the child-bearing years, a woman’s sexual desire is highest in the middle of her menstrual cycle, when her body is also producing the high amount of progesterone (which makes the womb ready to receive a fertilized egg) and when she is mostly likely to ovulate.

Except in some relatively uncommon conditions like polycystic ovarian disease, a woman’s body never makes a lot of testosterone, and production of testosterone peaks around age 30. Taking the Pill reduces production of testosterone and eliminates the monthly peaks of sexual interest. Production of testosterone, however, continues in the ovaries well after menopause.

In women, loss of libido can be associated with low levels of testosterone, but it is also influenced by low levels of estrogen. When the post-menopausal body stops making more than a minimal amount of estrogen, the vagina may become dry, making intercourse painful. Hysterectomy and oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries) further reduce hormone production. And, since women have longer life spans than men, heterosexual women often lose their familiar partners in intimacy even as they also have to deal with reduced hormone levels.