Manuka Tea Tree Products As Yeast Infection Treatment

The vaginal disorder known as a yeast infection is caused by a single cell fungus named Candida albicans, resulting in the medical condition called cutaneous candidiasis. This situation can be caused by such factors as taking antibiotics or birth control pills, the hormonal changes of pregnancy, disorders involving metabolism including diabetes, and by immune deficiencies including HIV. Some of the symptoms of candidiasis may be scaling, blisters or purple patches that resemble eczema.

Tests done at the Cawthron Institute in New Zealand were undergone to determine whether Manuka tea tree oil was effective in controlling the Candida Albicans fungus. These tests, specifically using East Cape Chemotype Manuka tea tree oil, found that a complete control of the fungus was provided. The ingredients used in the studies are now available in East Cape Manuka tea tree oil, cream and soap, available from Manu Nutraceuticals. The ingredients in these products are totally natural and are effective because of their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Other studies, comparing New Zealand Manuka tea tree oil with Australian tea tree oil found that the Manuka oil was less likely to irritate mucous membranes, and that a concentration level of 50% less of the New Zealand Manuka tea tree oil was able to provide complete control of the fungus.

By utilizing Manuka oil products, Candida infections can be managed by people in the form of in-home treatments. A Candida Treatment Pack is now available that consists of a quantity of East Cape Manuka oil, a jar of East Cape Manuka Cream and two bars of Manuka soap. Treatment is performed by first washing thoroughly with Manuka soap, and then rinsing with warm water to which Manuka oil has been added. After drying, East Cape Manuka cream is then applied to the area. Many women who have used the Manuka Candida Treatment have said it gives them better results than prescription drugs, and they are pleased because it is a natural alternative.

The oil of the Manuka tea tree is a natural substance that is not changed chemically in any way. There have not been any adverse side effects reported by anyone who has used either Manuka honey products or those made with Manuka oil. The aboriginal Maori people of New Zealand have been using the leaves and other parts of the Manuka tree for more than 1000 years as part of their traditional herbal medicine.

The Manu Nutraceutical Company stands behind their Manuka tea tree products with an unconditional money back guarantee, details of which are available online at their web site.