Mechanism Of Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitor manufacturers apparatus comprising: blood pressure measuring unit adapted to measure blood pressure by a predetermined method; pulse wave acquiring unit adapted to acquire a pulse wave in a predetermined location of a living body; pulse wave propagation time calculating unit adapted to calculate a pulse wave propagation time from the pulse wave, and one of an electrocardiogram and a pulse wave acquired from a location different from the predetermined location; estimated blood pressure monitor manufacturers calculating unit adapted to calculate an estimated blood pressure by applying the pulse wave propagation time to a predetermined expression; accelerated pulse wave calculating unit adapted to calculate an accelerated pulse wave from the pulse wave; waveform parameter calculating unit adapted to calculate a predetermined waveform parameter from a waveform contained in the accelerated pulse wave; and calibrating unit adapted to calibrate the expression by using a value measured by said blood pressure monitor manufacturers measuring unit, wherein if a fluctuation amount of the waveform parameter exceeds a predetermined amount, said calibrating unit performs the calibration after correcting a calibration amount which is applied when the fluctuation amount of the waveform parameter does not exceed the predetermined amount.
The present invention has been made in consideration of the problems of the prior art as described above, and has as its object to make it possible to more accurately determine the necessity of high-accuracy blood pressure measurement, in blood pressure monitor manufacturers apparatus which continuously estimates blood pressure on the basis of the pulse wave propagation time, and performs more accurate blood pressure measurement where necessary.

Blood pressure monitor manufacturers measurement using a cuff is established as a method of noninvasively measuring the blood pressure, and effective to automatically obtain a well reliable blood pressure. However, this method requires avascularization, so the frequent use of the method is undesirable because the load on a patient increases. Therefore, accurate determination of the need for cuff blood pressure monitor manufacturers measurement is important not only to perform an appropriate therapy but also to reduce the load on a patient.