Natural Detox

Taking work medicine is far from being the only way in which one can cleanse the body. A more effective method appears to be detoxification or the cleansing fast which simply refers to the removal of inappropriate substances from the body. This cleansing process is as natural as breathing, but “the environment presents so much toxic overload that the body is not able to move all the garbage out of the system as fast as necessary.” This therefore results in an accumulation of toxic matter including animal protein, inappropriate fats, alcohol, nicotine, pharmaceutical residue, processed foods and preservatives to name a few. Therefore, we need to sometimes impose a conscious intervention by detoxifying. This is very important in terms of preventing disease and ailments, noting that good reasons for a detoxifying include:
Strong smelling body odors
Foul smelling stool
Bad breath
A feeling of congestion
Poor appetite
Chronic insomnia
Dull and unattractive skin
Extreme obesity
Joint pains Nutritionists believe that these all are initial indications that one is in need of detoxification, which he says is also an excellent prelude to a weight management or lifestyle transformation program. Years of experience and general research have shown that no less than a three day detoxification is necessary as an effective way of removing mucous and sludge from the system. “Anything less, such as a one-day detoxification, is a good exercise in discipline but one more than likely will not see the dramatic changes in health as a result of detoxification.” Although the three day detox will remove mucous and sludge, it usually does not get into the root of a chronic problem as a seven-day detox will do. The challenge with the seven-day program is that it is longer and more challenging to sustain and complete. But, regardless of which plan is used, according to nutritionists, one can expect glowing skin and complexion, a clean smelling body (as the digestive body is cleared of accumulated waste), increased mental clarity, better sleep, less dependency on habit forming drugs such as caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, reduced stomach bulge, as well as a cleansed blood stream, liver and kidney. For the person who is lethargic detoxification results in more energy. These benefits are more pronounced on a seven day detox compared to a three-day program. The detox recommended is a natural one which in essence is a fast. This works based on the principle that for the immune system to do the work of removing waste from the body it needs energy and this energy has to come from somewhere.