Saline Nasal Spray And Prevention Of Asthma

It may not be obvious when you first think about it how asthma and saline nasal spray could be connected. Well the connection is through the sinuses and anything that treats the sinuses is in a way connected with asthma. Many people don’t know that sinus infections can cause asthma. In many cases the infection can aggravate an underlying sinus infection. To be frank with you we really don’t know why sinus infections cause or trigger asthma. But it does seem to do this. It really doesn’t seem to matter what type of sinus infection is going on– they all seem to cause asthma problems.

Before we go any farther I would like to discuss sinus infections. There are basically three different kinds of sinus infections. The first is called an “acute” infection. Acute means sudden and that’s kind of how this sinus infection acts. It often happens after a viral URI.

The next category is a “sub-acute” infection. This tends to happen if an acute infection does not heal. This person is starting to get tired of symptoms that are “hanging on”. There is often a lot of coughing both day and night.

A chronic sinus infection is one that has been going on for quite a while. In fact the person with it will often have forgotten their acute infection and assumed they had gotten better. But they have this nagging cough and they have nasal congestion that is not too bad– in fact these folks often think they are dealing with chronic allergies.

So how does a nasal saline solution have anything to do with these various sinus infections? Well first of all the use of a good nasal saline solution will help decrease the symptoms in all three of these types of sinus infections. This is no small thing: being able to decrease symptoms that are bothering a person day and night is a fantastic blessing. The big thing though is that if used correctly and aggressively the nasal saline solution or spray can help keep the acute sinus infection from progressing to a chronic sinus infection.

So the connection between the nasal saline solution and asthma is this: if you can get the sinus infection to start draining instead of the secretions in the sinuses plugging up, you can help to prevent the sinus infection from progressing and this helps to prevent asthma from developing or worsening. So this is a great thing!