Tips to Boost a Woman’s Sexual Health

Like any muscle, your sexual health requires exercise. Here are 12 tips to put your sexual health in peak form.

1. Break the Routine:

Is it the missionary position with the man on top? Are the lights always off? Is sex just for the bedroom? It’s the time to ditch the rut and put some zest into your sex. Get a copy of the Kama Sutra, experiment with sex toys (yes, they’re quite acceptable!) and for no cost at all, try a different position in every room in the house.

2. Think and Feel Sexy:

Great sex isn’t about the orgasm (although they’re great too!). Sexual health is being comfortable with your sexuality and feeling sexy all day long. Stop to enjoy the sexual images all around you. Allow your sexual feelings to rise and linger. Only you will know that you’re taking care of your sexual health.

3. Express Yourself:

Let’s face it. If you want better sex, then start talking about what you want. Satisfying sex comes from the love and trust expressed between the people sharing in it. If you’re sitting on a mountain of unresolved issues about your relationship, your body image or low libido, it’s time to put the spotlight on it and give it your attention.

4. Banish the Stress:

Great sex comes from an inner desire to express passion and intimacy. However, currents of intimacy are delicate and won’t find their way through the layers of stress that you’ve accumulated throughout the day. Leave the job, the kids, the in-laws and everything else at the bedroom door.

5. Work Those Muscles:

Good sex becomes great sex when your body is in a healthy condition. Sex is a physical workout which requires control, flexibility and endurance. And if you suffer from incontinence or weakened vaginal muscles, you’ll also want to include Kegel exercises in your routine.

6. Ditch the Drugs:

Prescription drugs are bad news when it comes to a healthy sex life. Common drugs for high blood pressure and anti-depressant medicines and can lead to a decreased libido in women. Since most prescription drugs have adverse side effects, it’s best to find a physician who will recommend healthy alternatives to the drug routine.

7. Lose the Fat:

With over 60% of Americans overweight or obese, all that excess fat between the sheets is not a pretty picture. If you can’t see your genitals when you’re standing up and can’t tell the difference between your breasts and your belly, it’s time to shape up. Not only will the sex improve, your whole life will take on a new look.

8. Butt Out:

Having a cigarette after sex is a tired cultural image. Smoking is just a bad habit that also constricts the blood vessels and inhibits blood flow to the vagina. And besides, who wants to have sex with a dirty ashtray?

9. Know Your Body:

Rhythms We’re creatures of habit and we feel comforted by predictable routines. Our bodies also have natural daily and monthly rhythms such as their menstrual cycle. Get in touch with the natural highs and lows of your sexual desire and use the highs to engage in sex and the lows to exhale. Don’t fight the rhythms and force sex; prepare for them.